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    Michael and Shumita: Verdant Destination Wedding in Florence

    wooden table with greenery, lemons, tea lights and with and blue plates

    The couple and the dream

    Michael and Shumita had in mind their ideal wedding, and during our first meetings, my task was to interpret their expectations and dreams concretely.
    Making the couple’s imagination come true is a decisive step in the design!

    The design of this wedding is refined, verdant and rich in traditions.


    The Project

    In the design phase, we study every detail. Measurements, technical projects, rendering, mood board: I need everything to create a harmonious, coherent and powerful visual impact. All obviously within the budget!

    Each element must have been designed and studied: it’s like a symphony in which each note is in its place, and each musician knows exactly what to do to make the ensemble perfect!


    Lemons, green leaves, finely decorated plates and a dark wooden table. Everything makes the whole design unique.

    On the left of this project, you can see our al fresco dinner layout and on the right our ceremony layout. The architectural study of the spaces is fundamental, in order to make the most of the spaces of a venue and to make the experience that guests experience easy and pleasant. As I always say, every Design starts with measurements and technical surveys!

    The Ceremony

    We love to know the traditions and the cultures to which our spouses are linked, and we love to celebrate them with respect and love.

    M & S ceremony was made up of three parts: first of all an Indian ritual, then an Italian reading and finally an Iranian ritual.

    The first part of the ceremony honored the Indian ceremony with an exchange of garlands.

    This gesture symbolizes welcome in the family.

    The ceremony honored three different traditions to which the spouses are linked: one of these is the Iranian ceremony.

    This fascinating ritual consists of two sugar cones rubbed over a canopy that symbolizes new life under one roof.

    Sugar is the wish for a happy life with sweet experiences and memories.

    After this, the bride’s grandmother burned incense that removes negativity and protects the new couple.

    The Dinner

    Greenery, fresh lemons and delicate tealights create a design in which colors, scents and textures enhance each other!

    Al fresco dinner table with lemon and greenery

    When you walk through a storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark
    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark

    [You’ll Never Walk Alone – Nina Simone]

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