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    Paul & Lucia’s Hollywood-Inspired Tuscan Wedding: An Authentic and Timeless Love Story

    Hollywood, authenticity, and the essence of Tuscany. These three elements converged, creating an unforgettable wedding day for Paul and Lucia.

    Although they call Hollywood their home, they imagined the picturesque Tuscan hills as a set for their refined Destination wedding. I always say that every wedding is a unique opportunity to craft a story using words, objects, and colors. Paul and Lucia’s wedding day embodied this belief, with their celebration unleashing the power of storytelling.


    One significant inspiration for the couple was Iris Origo, the owner of La Foce. Her remarkable life story captivated Paul and Lucia so much that they paid homage to her in their invitation card, mentioning her influential book.

    Authenticity and elegance were central themes throughout the celebration.

    The wedding’s aesthetic mirrored the breathtaking Tuscan landscape, serving as a muse for their color palette and design choices.

    Soft pastels reminiscent of delicate wildflowers harmonized with earthy tones, evoking the timeless beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

    These artful creations were thoughtfully placed throughout the venue, further enhancing the atmosphere and immersing guests in a world of beauty and elegance.

    Paul and Lucia’s wedding brought together two worlds, seamlessly blending the allure of Hollywood’s glamour with the time-honored charm of Tuscan heritage. 




    Team of vendors:

    Wedding Planner @caterina_weddings
    Venue @lafoce
    Photography @andreacorsiph
    Fashion photographer @andreacresci
    Flower designer @chiaraspertifloralevents
    Catering @galateoricevimenti
    Videographer @vertigoweddingfilms
    Music @firenze_classica
    Dj set @andreapacidj
    Stationery @lauramazzettitheweddingletters
    MUA @giuliamakeupfirenze
    Lights service @weddingmusicandlights


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