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    Bohemian Magnetism Wedding

    Michael and Olivia’s wedding sees Tuscan nature as a fundamental element.

    Nature is the protagonist and the elements of our Bohemian design integrate with it, with accents of color, transparencies and light textures.

    That’s why when I think of this Design I say that it is the celebration of nature in nature: the elements we have added integrate into the landscape, enrich it without weighing it down, and guide the eye towards the gentle Tuscan hills.

    The color palette is the classic one of the Bohemian style, a style that we also see in the iconic wheat-colored Pampas grass. The glass demijohns along the aisle tell a Tuscan story, but they do it in a soft way because with their transparency they blend into the landscape.

    It is a minimal design, in which every element is important but not the protagonist. A Bohemian born from the encounter between France, Africa and Tuscany, lands to which the spouses are linked. My couples often fear that “Minimal” means coldness, but it doesn’t: as we see here, Minimal Design creates an atmosphere in which beauty, warmth and emotions come to life!

    I imagined the bride walking down an aisle among the olive trees, going towards the open nature in front of her. We, therefore, designed the ceremony with the nave in the olive grove and the amphitheater chairs that look toward the Tuscan landscape: once again nature becomes part of the Design.

    We set up the reception in the square, with the tables arranged in a horseshoe shape because the spouses wanted to experience conviviality, joy and union with their guests.

    Elements of the couple are present in the design: the Jewish tradition because the groom is Jewish, African elements because Africa is part of the life experience of the spouses, and linear elements dear to the architect bride. We, therefore, find in the Table design the handmade Kippah and the African fan used as place cards and cadeau for guests, and the minimal but visually striking centerpieces!

    Carmine red, pampas grass, African fans, the limpidity of glass, rustic wood: the table design contains the whole world of our couple. The African fan on the plate is a reminder of the house in Africa to which the spouses are linked.

    I love to insert variations on the chosen style and mix the elements to create something unique, because each design must reflect the world of the couple, their history, their tastes!


    Planning & Design: @caterina_weddings

    Venue: fattoria_villa_rignana

    Florist: @giardinodellefateflowerdesign

    Photographer: @ndstudiowedding

    Catering: @rolands_florence

    Entertainment: @fixthemusic – The Soul Drive band

    MUA & Hair: @tuscan_beautyartists_with_love

    Music and lighting service: @weddingmuiscandlights

    Bar catering: @caffe21

    Stationery: @theweddingletters

    Bridesmaids dresses: @sezane

    Bride @o_linder



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