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    How to Create a Halloween Gothic Chic Wedding

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    “Can a Halloween Wedding be done?”

    You may not believe me, but this is a question that comes out more often than you may think, both when I am contacted by new clients and when I meet new couples of future spouses!

    And my answer is always “Of course yes!”.

    Mixing the noir and gothic atmospheres with the warmth of the candle light that always accompanies the Halloween night, you can get a unique, refined result that will amaze the guests. ?


    The Color Palette


    Let’s start from the color palette!

    We can choose purple shades, from a charcoal plum to a very soft ash purple.


    Or we can choose the shades of pumpkin colors, the ultimate symbol of Halloween.



    The Stationery


    The tableau de mariage

    I propose you a brand new moodboard for the gothic-chic tableau de mariage! I thought of the allure of an ancient mirror marked by the time used as a suspended tableau de mariage, surrounded by cascading gloomy flowers, pumpkins, candles and dark-colored lanterns.




    The Flower Design

    The Floral design is composed by flowers which have the ancient and decadent colors of dusty pink, burgundy and crimson, contrasted by white petals and silver eucalyptus leaves.





    The lights

    The lights can create an enchanted and scenic atmosphere. We can use strings of amber colored lights and candles which, because of their flickering light, can create a creepy play of light and shadows in consonance with the noir leitmotiv.






    The Table setting

    Elegant and strong colored table set, with a triumph of candles, fruits and solid colored flowers, and a dramatic mix of contrasts!


    The Candy Table


    A special corner the Candy Table one!

    This time reinterpreted with chocolate sweets, gloomy macarons and touches of orange and red contrasts.


    The Wedding cake

    Quite amazing this Black Wedding Cake, isn’t it? Elegant and strong at the same time, with flowers in tint with the rest of the set-up.


    I imagine the Wedding cake table surrounded by fairy lights or suspended lanterns, candles and draped soft tissues.



    The Photo Boot

    The Photo Boot is always very much appreciated by guests, Brides and Grooms because it gifts funny moments and unique memories!

    For the chosen theme, I thought of an opulent and Gothic corner that allows guests to take unconventional photos with a set as sophisticated as remarkable.



    And what about the fun for kids?

    Obviously you can not miss a corner dedicated to them with pumpkins to carve and decorate all together!


    And finally breathtaking paper lanterns that float in the night sky, romantic and creepy as ghosts flying in the most scary night of the year!




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