My name is Caterina Testardi

and I am a Destination Wedding Planner and a Wedding Designer. I organize weddings for Italian and foreign couples fulfilling their small and big desires.

My mission is to make sure that everything is perfect and exclusive in full respect of the budget, taste and personality of the couple.
I create the event together with the bride and groom, listening to them with extreme attention and trying to understand what they really want, then I design that day with care and attention to every detail. I love to give life to a unique event that will tell everything about the spouses and that is in their image and likeness.
None of my marriages are alike because every bride and groom is unique!

My History

I was born in Pisa, in Tuscany, a land that I love and whose beauty and centuries-old history I adore to enhance. I'm curious and I love to go in search of new and beautiful things, and everything that fascinates me becomes a constant source of inspiration for me.

I love to smile but above all to get people to smile! I have always believed that each of us has something to teach, in life and at work, and that for this reason, it is worth listening to everyone with great interest! I have a natural inclination to understand the souls of the people in front of me and this helps me to turn their dreams into reality.

I graduated in Administration and Market Economy Sciences and so I developed the ability to always balance the budgets of my clients, welcoming their requests but with an eye always attentive to the established budget.

I started working as a Wedding Planner after organizing my own wedding in 2009 with such creativity and passion, and since then, I have been taking care of and realizing my clients' events with the same care and dedication.

I am an incurable romantic, but with an analytical, lucid and practical mind, and above all, with a great experience in the field.

My job is to make sure that everything is perfect, to prevent unforeseen events and to solve problems as soon as they arise. I always keep my cool because I can always have the situation under control and, above all, I never stop smiling!

The stars of that special day are the bride and groom, and I strive to give them all the happiness they deserve!

Over time, I have selected the best suppliers to ensure impeccable and high quality service. Thanks to my experience, I am able to optimize your budget, saving you precious time and unnecessary stress.


I never work alone, because I am fully aware that there's strength in numbers, and that it is necessary to delegate when you are not able to perform a task. For this reason, throughout the planning process, I rely on architects, designers, light designers, sommeliers and many other specialists in the field. On the day of the event I am supported by my invaluable team! A nearly all-female team of creative, kind and reliable girls. Each one of them has her own well-defined role within the event, and this allows me not only to keep an eye on the work of each individual supplier, but above all, to promptly resolve an unexpected situation. Without their invaluable support, I could never give life to a dream!

Be kind and
have courage!


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