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    My best friend’s wedding

    In our line of work you live of emotions, of enthusiasm….there where you find love, we make the most beautiful dreams come true… but sometimes we are so taken with the great responsibility of making sure everything is perfect for our couple that we forget what the true essence of Marriage is… where everything is born… the first look, the first caress, the first «I…»
    And so I stop, take a deep breath, and let the smells and colours of a September in Maremma envelop me completely in infinite sensations because today is… one of my best friends’ wedding!

    Us, «le bimbe» as we usually call ourselves in Pisa.. Friends forever, those with whom you shared everything, who have always been a part of your life and always will be because you share every memory.
    University, work, travel, children, joys and inevitable suffering but, in the end, it doesn’t matter when we get to see each other because when we do nothing has changed!

    And so, my dear friend, the most beautiful day has come for you too, maybe you didn’t believe it ever would but you made it yours, so much so that it became perfectly you, and perfect for us. Every guest is there to watch you rejoice… it doesn’t matter what theme you chose, nor for everyone to love your dress, what’s really important is that you have the day you have always dreamed of!
    So pack your bags my friend and set off on this new journey with the man you chose to walk beside you..the ideal man for all of us… impossible not to love him!
    I followed you only as a friend but you managed to create a day thta was just like the two of you. You thought of everything and everyone and you were repaid in warmth and love…the result was a wonderful, heartfelt event that touched everyone present!
    A choir of voices of friends where the soundtrack to the ceremony and their songs keep playing in our minds. As a professional I have to congratiulate myself with my colleagues. They managed to put together a beautiful wedding in limited time. An exclusive location, warm and welcoming staff, wonderful food and perfect service, a setting in perfect tuscan style, lovely and carefully planned.
    As favors the guest receveid small pots of herbs to look after lovingly.
    The result were two happy newlyweds and lots of enthusiastic guests!
    You were gorgeous my friend… thank you…

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