• Symbolic & Religious Weddings

    Symbolic wedding in Tuscany

    Your wedding day is perhaps the most important day of your life. Long-awaited, longed-for, when it finally arrives you expect perfection in all the details.
    If this is common to all the bride and groom, there are many differences that emerge from couple to couple regarding the desired style, the location imagined, the unfolding of the ceremony.

    Depending on the tastes and expectations, there may be objective difficulties in organizing the wedding. But we have good news for all lovers: here in Tuscany, whatever your idea of ​​marriage, everything is achievable.

    Especially with regard to the location, you will be spoilt for choice. And this is especially true for symbolic ceremonies, but also if you want to organize a religious ceremony. Discover with us some ideas for both options.


    Symbolic Ceremony

    The symbolic ceremony has the advantage of being able to be organized at short notice and can be held almost anywhere in Tuscany. What does it consist of?

    It is a time when the couple declares eternal love in front of friends and relatives, but without that the entire ceremony has real legal value.

    Everything is completely customisable: you could choose to make an exchange of rings, to make promises, to read poetry together, or any other idea that comes to mind.

    Among the most famous and romantic rituals, ideal for a symbolic wedding, there is for example the Ceremony of The Sand. For this ritual, the bride and groom need only be provided with three containers, of any shape or size, preferably transparent glass to allow everyone to see the contents, and a little bit of sand. You can choose it in natural or coloured tones, according to your taste and the theme of the ceremony.

    Each of the spouses will have his jar filled with sand, and he will have to do is pour it into the third container, to symbolize the union of the souls of the two lovers.
    All this can be accompanied by a musical background, followed by the reading of some poetry or the exchange of promises. It’s up to you to decide!

    Another very easy ritual to organize and realize, but also very romantic, is that of the hands: this ceremony involves the continuous contact of the spouses, who will have to look at each other’s hands while exchanging gifts, accompanied by the words of the celebrant.

    In short, the symbolic ceremony is ideal if you do not want to waste time on legal practices, and if you want to experience a truly unique moment, tailor-made for you, in a special location.

    It could also be a great idea for all those who have already married in a civil or religious ceremony, in another place in Italy or in a foreign country, and want to renew their vows or simply live a dream of love in the heart of Tuscany.

    You can really choose any location: think of the beauty of a ceremony on the beach, in the south of the region, or on one of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, or imagine yourself surrounded by greenery, in a vineyard or in a beautiful garden, with all the people you love and your soul mate. Not to mention villas, castles and farms in the hills of the Chianti wine or Siena, Florence, Lucca, or even the charm of small historic towns such as Pienza, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Montalcino.

    The options are really endless! And with the symbolic ceremony you can do everything as you really wish.


    Religious wedding in Tuscany

    Religious Ceremony

    If you prefer the religious ceremony to the symbolic ceremony, which, as we said, has no legal value, in this case too in Tuscany you have several options to choose from, whatever your creed.

    The most widespread religion in Italy is the Catholic one, so this type of religious ceremony is certainly the easiest to organize.

    Tuscany boasts beautiful churches where you can celebrate a Catholic wedding: whether it’s a small ancient chapel in some village in the countryside, or a majestic cathedral in the heart of the city, the combination of art, beauty and romance is guaranteed.

    The marriage with Catholic ceremony takes place during the mass, and can also be combined with a civil ceremony, so as to have full legal validity. In any case, everything will take place in front of the priest, inside the church, together with your witnesses.
    Remember that at least one of the spouses must have been baptized in order to celebrate the Catholic wedding, and various certificates of baptism, communion and confirmation must be presented in this regard.

    In the event that the spouses have already had a civil ceremony abroad, they must present the authorities with a copy of their marriage certificate in order to be able to carry out the religious ceremony as well.

    If you are of Protestant beliefs, you could opt for the beautiful Protestant church located in Florence, or feel free to choose any outdoor location of your choice, ideal during the summer season.
    There is also the possibility, if you wish, to organize a Protestant ceremony in one of the many Catholic churches located in Tuscany, or in many of the private chapels that are located inside villas and castles.

    Be mindful, however, that in any case the Protestant religious ceremony must be preceded by a civil ceremony: many couples hold this ceremony a few days earlier, in another place, or in another country. Only in some cases, depending on the availability of the pastor, it is possible to do at the same time and in the same place both the religious ceremony and the civil one, but it is necessary to be well informed before planning everything.

    Finally, in Tuscany there are also some synagogues, especially in Florence, Pisa, Livorno and Siena, so it is not difficult to organize a religious ceremony for those who are Jewish.

    If you prefer a more Tuscan-style location at the synagogue, do not worry, you can also choose to set up a Chuppah in one of the many locations available, including villas, gardens, castles and farms.

    Whatever your faith and your idea of marriage, in the beauty of Tuscany you will certainly find the perfection that you dream of. Are you ready to give shape to your special day?