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    The Green Gold which is star of November

    November is the right month to be inspired by the smells, colours and flavours of the products of our territory. In Tuscany in particular it’s the perfect time for harvesting and pressing olives! Green gold, as Italian extra virgin olive oil is sometimes called, flows from Tuscan olive presses at this time of year and soon we will be able to enjoy it at our table and offer it as a relished Christmas present!

    Its taste is unmistakeable and it is used in many, or almost every, dish in Italian cuisine, but nothing releases its magical aroma like a slice of crisp Tuscan bread. Ribollita(cabbage stew), pappa al Pomodoro(bread and tomato soup), black cabbage on toasted bread, meat, cecina, castagnaccio(chestnut pie), are all foods that wouldn’s be the same without olive oil, so if you’ve never tasted them I suggest you try them and give in to their intense simplicity!

    Going back to the main theme of all our articles, if you want to marry in beautiful Tuscany don’t forget to highlight its strong points, and Tuscan cuisine with all its typical dishes is certainly one of these, so why not use small bottles of new oil as a perfect Favor on your Wedding Day? You can personalize them with labels with the bride and groom’s name on them, decorate them with herbs and jute twine, or you could focus on the olive press and the production date by creating a tasting corner for your guests!

    Getting married in Tuscany isn’t only about designing an event but it’s a true life experience so take advantage of it by enjoying every bit of it!