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    It’s late, it’s time to start dreaming!

    “It’s late, it’s late!” said the White Rabbit…it’s time to start dreaming! That’s right…Giuseppe and Alice wanted their families to live their dream of love, they wanted to amaze them with the wow factor! Their way of saying “Thank you” to everybody.

    And so I listened to them, I entered their worlds, I overcame with them numerous obstacles and in the end we planned a memorable day together! We didn’t hesitate, we packed our bags and set off for Abruzzo.


    What an incredible experience…our whole team working in Pescasseroli, a lovely town in the heart of the Abruzzo National Park.

    The bride’s wonderful family welcomed us to this unknown land, and to their family owned hotel, the Hotel Il Picchio, the location which hosted the event. A perfect collaboration, that had as its only goal that of creating a surreal dimension, where everyone was a bit mad but after all “All the best people are mad”. And so Alice’s tale began…in her own land, where she grew up and where she began her married life. Teacups, pendulum clocks, alarm clocks, mirrors, chandeliers, teapots, coffee pots, swings, white rabbits, crowns…everything you need to make a fairytale come true!





    The story actually hides the love between the Mad Hatter and Alice, even though they belonged to completely different worlds, neither of them ever forgot about the other and they promised that one day they would meet again and to this day they keep hoping, without ever giving up! They say that the wait made the Hatter go mad, and that Alice dreams of him every night! They left something inside each other that can’t be erased, not even by madness!
    It’s the legend of this great love that inspired us while planning and creating Giuseppe and Alice’s wedding…a guaranteed “wow” effect! With Love…

    With Love…