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    Getting married in Wonderland

    By order of the Queen of Hearts you are summoned to a Land of Wonder where dreams become reality..” this was the beginning of Alice and Cristiano’s wedding invitation, who chose to transform their wedding into a real vintage fairytale…

    Influenced and inspired by the bride’s leitmotif “ I have a disease called fantasy, leads almost to heresy, it’s considered madness” from “Alice in Wonderland” we organized and brought to life a really special wedding!

    Black, grey, red and forest green for a fairytale set up that leaves nothing to chance! A seating chart made of wood, keys and a clock ties the entire event together: a magical story where time has stopped!

    Worthy of this setting the mise en place of red roses, pots, small plants, leaves, candles and ribbons; also the Sweet Table dominated by a magical Wedding Cake which tells of a fantasy story filled with rabbits, alarm clocks, candy and sweet treats!

    It’s late, it’s late!” said the White Rabbit and there is nothing left for us to do but….dream and let you dream!!