Wedding Planning


Your happiness is our greatest satisfaction! Everything we do… we do it for you.

I often find myself explaining what my role is and I am always curious to know why couples turn to us with their dreams, but also their fears…it’s true that mine is a wonderful job where emotions often take over, but let’s not forget that we have the responsibility and duty of helping to write one of the most important pages in these young peoples lives!

We know this very well…everyone of us will have a special place in your hearts because together we will have contributed to making Your Day…unforgettable!

My team and I will be with you from the first moment, we will help you let us into your world and once we have gotten to really know each other we will start taking the first steps into organizing your wedding. We will look for the perfect locations for you based on our experience, we will create the event based on your needs, choose the perfect setting, the most appropriate music. And then we will dream…flowers, perfumes, inspiration board.

The day of the event we will be with you at all times, we will coordinate the technicians and make sure everything goes the way we planned it! We know you, we know what you love and what you hate…we will take care of you, you need to feel assured that every time you need us, we will be there for you. Discrete, we will be following you from backstage and never lose sight of you!

A few years ago somebody told me “A wedding planner needs to be an added value, otherwise it doesn’t make sense!” Well, that’s what I think too!

It will be wonderful and perfect for you…so different and with a world of things to tell…your day will mirror your personality!





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If you decide to organize your wedding yourself but you don’t know who to entrust with the task of making sure everything goes the way you planned it, you can choose the professionalism of the Caterina Weddings team.

We will be the point of reference for you and every technician…we will be your eyes while all you have to do is enjoy Your Day.