``The poetic beauty of Tuscany, my passion and your emotions for a unique and unforgettable day``

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Passionate, professional, efficient, elegant, highly sensitive….these are Caterina’s distinctive features, creator of Caterina weddings, a dynamic laboratory where your wishes come true.

After taking Market and Administration Economics degree, she has decided to use her acquired managerial and organization skills in a creative way that truly reflected her character. So she attended specializing courses to become a wedding planner an exciting field of strong emotions.

Caterina and her rich team of experts, is not only able to work with expertise and enthusiasm, but also, and most of all, to make you fall in love with a flower, capture deep sensations with a photo, make your dream with the melody of a song……………….”Your emotions are my life, your happiness is my biggest satisfaction…………….it’s an exchange of emotions: I can’t explain what happens to me when my brides and grooms, with tears in their eyes and trembling voice, say “thank you Caterina””. I don’t want just to “organise” your wedding, I want you to charish sweet and unforgettable memories……..the most beautiful day of your life as you have always dreamt it”……..

“I love the work I do”

Caterina Weddings works all over Tuscany, land of good wine and flavourful cuisine, but also of exciting perfumes, striking colours and harmonious sounds…….

“I’ve choosen for you exclusive and unequalled locations able to satisfy all of your requests: luxurious locations in the very heart of our splendid art towns, castles and medieval villages surrounded by nature, historical villas, romantic agriturisms, beautiful beach resorts for fabulous weddings on the seaside, enchanting restaurants on lake banks.

Your personal wedding planner Caterina creates your magic event in unison with the bride and the groom, with great attention to their specific requests to understand desires, and only afterwards she starts to plan THE DAY with very carefully, without neglecting any particular. The event will mirror your personality………….that’s why no wedding is like another…………..all couples are unique!

She looks after paperworks concerning the Church and the Town Hall, so you won’t waste and get anxious………..”i will deal with it, following you, step by step, as you get close to the most beautiful day of your life, where you are the real protagonists and where it’s you that set the rules…………. All i’ll do is highlight what you like. You’ll be amazed!

Through time she has selected the best service providers to guarantee an impeccable and high level service.

Thanks to her wide experience, your budget will be optimized to make you save money, time and needless stress.

On the wedding day, you will be followed you with absolute discretion to make sure everything flows in the best way.

“I will take care of all of your guests with stylish fans with your initials and fresh serviettes, during the hot season, or little coordinated umbrellas if rainy, wool blankets in winter…and also…….rice bowls, sweets tables, comfits, personalized bunches for candies and comfits, sigars and rum for gentlemen and pralines for the ladies, special gifts, place cards as requested and much much more….

Your hospitality shall never be forgotten!

All you have to do now is enjoy the YOUR DAY…….Caterina will think about all the rest!


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Fin dal primo momento in cui la si conosce Caterina diventa più di una wedding planner, diventa un'amica, una confidente, una persona su cui contate e una psicologa. Ci è stata sempre vicina nelle scelte fatte, ci ha saputo consigliare, e i nostri ospiti sono rimasti incantati dall'allestimento che ha realizzato, inoltre il servizio di regia per il gran giorno è quello che mi ha fatto star tranquilla, godere la festa a pieno, senza preoccuparmi di nulla, ¡tutto è andato benissimo! ¡Caterina e unica!

Lara Principato

data matrimonio 12|09|2016 rilasciata su matrimonio.com

Caterina è una Forza della Natura non pensavo di trovare una ragazza che amasse così tanto il suo lavoro è sempre presente e pronta a darti il consiglio migliore credo che non ci sia Wedding migliore di lei! Grazie Cate per aver reso possibile il nostro sogno!! Ti vogliamo Bene Ge Matte e Leo

Gessy e Matte Caciagli

data 1 luglio rilasciata su facebook

Where do we start from? 🙂
You really listened to our wishes, understood them and guided us for an even better resulting event.
From the choice of the venue (which is hard to match) to spending hours driving us around Tuscany to see, to taste, to confirm, to discover... The quality of the suppliers you work with is of the highest standard. Everything we had envisioned and dreamt of, you realized in the best possible way without making us feel the weight or stress of organizing such an event.
We always felt pampered and never alone.
The guests said that was the best organized wedding they've been to. They also said that everything was smooth, never forced, everything felt natural and you could barely see you and your team even though you were orchestrating the whole event.
Thank you for making our best memory together a truly spectacular event!!

Caterina...una ragazza che ci ha colpiti subito al primo appuntamento...senza pensarci troppo l'abbiamo ingaggiata per realizzare il matrimonio dei nostri sogni...e...il risultato e' stato proprio quello che desideravamo!!!...SEI FANTASTICA!!! grazie di tutto Fulvia e Gera
Tutto quello che è stato per noi il 9 Luglio non sarebbe stato così perfetto senza di te e senza la tua super squadra!!!
Grazie davvero di cuore...ti vogliamo bene!!!
Francesca e Manuel

Fulvia e Sapo

17 ottobre 2014 rilasciata su Facebook

Caterina è semplicemente straordinaria! Professionalità, passione e cuore, queste sono le caratteristiche di una wedding planner che riesce a rendere concreti i sogni di noi sposi, realizzando l'evento ad immagine e somiglianza della coppia, così da renderlo unico e speciale. ¡La cura dei dettagli e l'amore per il proprio lavoro sono i valori aggiunti di caterina, unica ed insostituibile!

Antonella Possidente

data matrimonio 30 | 07 | 2016 recensione pubblicata su matrimonio.com

Grande professionista, con uno staff di collaboratori sempre all'altezza della situazione, e persona stupenda!

Andrea Paci Bis

Recensione rilasciata su facebook 13 settembre 2015




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